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Going on Hiatus for a while

Hi everybody, i’ve been putting this post off for a little while but I think I just need to bite the bullet and accept the truth. I don’t currently have enough time to do the podcasts, Sci Phi Journal and SuperversiveSF all at the same time. So I regret I will be putting the podcastContinue Reading

Sorry no show this week

Sorry there will be no episode this week. Life has interfered and made it impossible to get one recorded. If you are looking for some new content you might enjoy Christian Meets World, Sci Phi Journal or Reading

Transcendance, Physicalism and Consciousness – SPS503

Transcendance, Physicalism and Consciousness – SPS503

The 2014 movie Transcendence explores a collection of Sci Phi ideas including the technological singularity, artificial intelligence, uploading a consciousness and immortality. We are going to look at the idea of uploading a mind and what theories of mind might be compatible with this idea. Specifically we look at Type Identity and Token Identity theories.Continue Reading

Why are all Utopia’s Dystopias? – SPS502

Why are all Utopia’s Dystopias? – SPS502

Why do all apparent Utopia’s turn out to be horrible Dystopian nightmares? It might just make good story telling but perhaps it is unavoidable, in practice it seems to be, so lets kick that idea around on this episode of the Sci Phi Show. is out now with more great stories and you can stillContinue Reading

The Simulation Hypothesis with David Kyle Johnson- SPS501

The Simulation Hypothesis with David Kyle Johnson- SPS501

Welcome back to the new season of the Sci Phi Show. I have a fascinating interview with Dr David Kyle Johnson on the Simulation Hypothesis. Also while I have been away I have been busy getting Sci Phi Journal launched, you can get it from or Castalia House, if you want DRM free MOBI’s orContinue Reading